MIDTRONICS Advancing Battery Management

Midtronics Battery Management Information Systems

Midtronics BMIS is a customizable, web-based service that provides a centralized collection of battery and electrical testing data from multiple sources, test data analysis, web-based reports for review, and automatic software updates for test equipment in the field.

A complete system solution that will help you better manage your service and warranty programs, BMIS offers value in four key areas:

  • Warranty Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Customer Service
  • Asset Management

BMIS and MRFID: Advancing battery, starter and alternator management.

While every successful battery management program requires equipment and processes to achieve the desired results, most new programs lose focus and attention after a short period of time. By adding information systems and reporting elements, you can increase your program’s ongoing success.

Midtronics Battery Management Information System (BMIS) is a customizable, web-based data-gathering, analysis and reporting service that will significantly enhance the management tools and processes used to drive improvements in preventative and predictive maintenance programs for vehicle electrical system components.

Midtronics RFID (MRFID) uses RFID technology to enable battery and electrical system diagnostic equipment to read and write test data at every service event throughout the component’s lifecycle. Having the ability to read information will improve both testing processes and accuracy, while captured information can be used to deliver an improved overall view of component performance.

These solutions are available as a subscription-based service, allowing you to solve complex information management challenges at a fixed, manageable cost rather than as a capital expense.

Custom. Comprehensive. Efficient. Effective.

We work with leading vehicle and component manufacturers in the transportation markets to develop complete system solutions that help them better manage their battery and electrical component service and warranty programs.

Typical Battery Management Information System solutions include:

  • Diagnostic and charging equipment to perform at the right contact points
  • Additional input capabilities for VIN or serial number capture to track information to the vehicle or component level
  • Communications capabilities and equipment that deliver the right information in a format that complements your business systems
  • Midtronics-managed secure database to collect, store and analyze data
  • Automated recordkeeping and reports for testing and charging activity

Midtronics BMIS and MRFID offer an excellent opportunity to improve profitability by more efficiently and effectively managing your warranty and preventative maintenance programs. Contact us today to discover more about Midtronics Battery Management Information Systems.