Convergence Module

An OBD-II device for quick battery inspection.

  • Easily capture battery Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) and VIN without popping the hood
  • Automatically transmit inspection data to BMIS for process visibility and compliance


  • Captures the battery’s OCV and VIN via OBD-II port via J1979 connector
  • Transmits VIN and OCV to BMIS via Wi-Fi
  • Operates as a stand-alone device as well as a pass-through device with the MCC-070 Controlled Charger
  • Green, blue, and red LEDs indicators provide feedback to the user
  • Power dock enables CVG-3 to connect to Wi-Fi and transmit data

Battery Management Processes

Midtronics products are designed to meet a variety of battery and electrical system service requirements, but selected features on individual products may make them a better fit for your unique service applications. This product is particularly well-suited for these battery management processes:

Primary Uses

Vehicle Arrival Inspection

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Lot Management


Quick Battery Inspection through OBD-II

Performing routine battery inspections are important to build customer trust and satisfaction as well as reduce early life battery failures.

  • Enables the technician to quickly inspect the battery encouraging routine battery inspection
  • Sends the inspection data to BMIS allowing visibility into the compliance of in-shop

Analytics and Communication

  • BMIS integration supports automated over-the-air software updates and analytical reporting
    • Capture and review vehicle battery inspection data
    • Visibility into process compliance


  • Automotive

Operating parameters

    • External battery voltage range: 8V – 32V

Vehicle interface

  • j1962 connector


  • cAN
  • ISO9141-2
  • KWP-2000
  • J1850-VPW
  • J1850-PWM
  • 92Hm/2 (DIAG-h)
  • H99B
  • DS3


  • Wireless Communication
    • Class 2 Bluetooth

    Wi-Fi Communication

    • 2.4 Ghz 802.11 B, G, N


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive


Midtronics works closely with individual customers to develop custom CVG-3 solutions. Please contact your Midtronics account manager for more information.

Docking Station

  • Docking station with USB