MIDTRONICS Advancing Battery Management

Midtronics GRX-3000 EU Diagnostic Battery Station

Our latest diagnostic charger platform

The GRX diagnostic battery charger represents the very latest in complete battery diagnostics from Midtronics. It combines switch-mode charging with Midtronics industry-standard battery diagnostics to ensure that any battery can be quickly and safely charged, no matter what level the technician.

For Safe, Fast, Simple Service in the European Market (220 volt)

The GRX combines patented conductance technology with additional load testing capability and switch-mode battery charging capability to create a complete battery diagnostic station. The combination of conductance testing technology with charge acceptance allows GRx diagnostic chargers to identify the difference between a battery that can recover in a given timeframe and one that won't.

  • Minimize warranty costs while maximizing workshop efficiency.
  • Detect defective batteries quickly, so that no time is spent charging bad or weak batteries
  • Continuously monitor the battery during the cycle, so good batteries get the right amount of current to maximize charge acceptance and minimize charge time.
  • Spot hard-to-find or masked defects during the charge cycle.


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GRX-3000 EU
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