Midtronics Heavy Duty Battery Testers & Monitoring Solutions




Heavy Duty Battery Management Solutions

When a Truck can’t complete its route because of a bad battery it costs you money and customer dissatisfaction. Midtronics battery testing and monitoring technology is used at fleets all around the world to prevent no-starts and keep trucks on the road. With solutions catered specifically to your vehicles and operations, we feel confident we can help improve your fleet uptime.

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On-Board Battery Monitoring Sensors

BMS-300 identifies bad batteries before they fail, by measuring every start event and sending data to your telematics system in real-time.
Midtronics BMS-100 battery management system


Preventative Maintenance Testing & Charging

Test your Fleet vehicles early and often to identify bad or marginal batteries. Midtronics HD handheld testers do full pack tests and quickly assess battery health, and are Wi-Fi enabled for analytics and updates.  
Midtronics MDX-700 HD tester

MDX-700 HD

Midtronics DSS-5000 HD battery tester

DSS-5000 HD

Midtronics EXP-1000 HD battery tester

EXP-1000 HD

Electric Vehicle Module Balancing and Pack Discharge

Fleets are integrating EV Trucks into their operations. Our equipment is designed for emerging service strategies to balance a battery pack when replacing a module or to rapidly discharge a pack to safe levels for transport or accident mitigation.   
Midtronics xMB-9640 High-Voltage Module Balancer


Midtronics xRC High-Voltage Hybrid Vehicle Rescue Charger


Advanced Data Analytics

All Midtronics tools are Wi-Fi enabled so they will send test records and results to our own cloud-based  Battery Management Information System or your company data management system via an API. Use data and analytics to better manage the efficiency and cost of your fleet operations.  
Midtronics battery management information system

Battery Management Information System