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Midtronics Recognized as Chicago’s Most Innovative Company
Crain's Chicago Business has named Midtronics #1 on its annual Eureka Index, based on the quality and strength of the Midtronics patent portfolio. This is the third consecutive year Midtronics has appeared on the list, previously finishing #4 and #6. Midtronics had Chicago’s highest-rated patents granted in 2013, based on key criteria including uniqueness of the idea and likelihood for product development.
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New Tools for New Tech: Servicing the Rapidly Growing Fleet of Advanced Battery Powered Vehicles
CHARGED EVs Magazine showcases the Midtronics line of innovative products for the hybrid/electric vehicle market in its “New Tools for New Tech” series (April/May 2012 issue). Featured are the GRX-5000 EV Battery Module Diagnostic Station, the GRX-5100 Hybrid Battery Pack Diagnostic Station, and the HYB-1000 Hybrid Battery System Analyzer.
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Electric Avenues: Evolving electrical systems need a new generation of chargers and testers
Anyone who has ever questioned the need for the latest generation of chargers and testers should look no further than the growing complexity of today's electrical systems. Batteries that were once responsible for little more than starting power are now asked to feed a growing list of accessories, from heated seats to navigation systems. Midtronics Executive Director of Marketing Will Sampson talks with Jobber News about how diagnostic and charging tools have advanced to address the newest technologies.
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Midtronics, Mitsubishi Electric team up to add RFID functionality to Midtronics test equipment
Midtronics is working with the manufacturer of automotive electrical parts to introduce a system that uses radio frequency identification to guide workers through maintenance and diagnostic procedures, and records results on RFID tags attached to trucks and components.
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Midtronics provides Tech Tips to Motor Age readers
Preventative Maintenance for Batteries and Electrical:
Help Your Customers Before Their Batteries Fail
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Midtronics’ 30 years featured in the Electrical Rebuilders Association newsletter
History in the making: Innovation in battery management
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The Exchange newsletter shares this Electrical Rebuilders Association presentation from Midtronics
Staying informed is crucial to survival. Notes from Dan Cox's popular ERA presentation.
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