MIDTRONICS Advancing Battery Management

Controlled Chargers 

Midtronics controlled chargers use high-frequency technology in combination with a smart charge curve to make charging Safe, Fast and Simple. The charge curve depends on the selected battery technology being Lead-Acid (Ca-Ca), AGM/Spiral and GEL.

Safe, fast and simple.

Unlike traditional chargers, Midtronics controlled chargers such as the ChargeXpress PRO (CX-PRO) Series have an intelligent way of detecting charge acceptance so that faulty batteries are not charged, which saves time and avoids dangerous situations.

A battery is often partially discharged coming into the workshop. To start discharging it even further creates more problems. That’s why, in addition to battery charging, Midtronics controlled chargers also offer the power supply mode for on-board diagnostic work such as programming, where the electronics in the car can drain the battery. In the power supply mode, the unit supplies power without gassing the battery (user tip: this mode can also be used during battery exchange).

Available only in Europe/Africa and
Asia Pacific/Middle East.