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Midtronics Magnetic Pick-Up Sensors

Versatile design as a speedometer, tachometer or controller sensor for heavy-duty vehicles

Magnetic pick-up sensors can be easily mounted to the spindle flange of the axle or the rear of the transmission. They can be used either as a speedometer sensor or as a tachometer sensor when mounted on the flywheel housing. In either application, the device senses a sudden change in the magnetic field caused by a metal protrusion on a rotating shaft, slot on a wheel disc, teeth of a gear or metal indicator on a material handling system. The sensor generates a sine wave for transmission to the speedometer, tachometer, or controller.


  • High-output voltage signal
  • Versatile design for use as a speedometer or tachometer sensor
  • Superior performance at high temperatures; outperforms semiconductor-type devices
  • Aluminum-threaded sleeve for greater durability
  • Protective molded thermoset compound completely covers interior components and will not soften or deform in high- temperature applications
  • Sturdier than plastic sensors, which may have thin hollow areas
  • Reliable heavy-duty wiring harness available
  • Very long service life; sensor has no moving parts and is unaffected by dust and dirt
  • Custom models available with terminal posts, cables, connectors or dual outputs

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