Introducing MDX-AI

A culmination of Midtronics’ experience, expertise, and innovation, MDX-AI will deliver unmatched speed, accuracy, and insight to both traditional and electric vehicle (EV) battery service diagnostics.

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We Are Customer Focused

The challenges you face are real. Whether it is in your current service environment or you are planning for the future of electric vehicles (EV), Midtronics is here to help.

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We Are Electrified Vehicle Battery Experts

Midtronics has the technology and experience needed to help you prepare for the single greatest challenge the global automotive industry will face: the transition to servicing electric vehicles (EV).

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We Are Midtronics

Midtronics makes your battery service possible: no matter the battery or the vehicle.

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Battery Management Systems and Solutions

Battery inside the hood of an electric car

xEV Solutions

A Midtronics diagnostic system testing a vehicle battery

Service Chargers

A technician showing a customer battery test results on a Midtronics battery tester

Battery Testers

A laptop with the Midtronics Battery Management Information System software opened on the screen

Information Systems

A technician standing next to a Midtronics diagnostic charging system

Diagnostic Chargers

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Heavy-Duty Solutions

Midtronics EV Battery Service Strategy Guide

Are you ready for EV Battery Service?
We have written a comprehensive guide to help.

Battery Tips


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