The EV Battery Service Strategy Guide

As the leading provider of EV Battery service equipment, Midtronics has created the Ultimate Guide to EV Battery Service.  Written by a team of the leading EV battery technology and service minds at Midtronics, this serves as a comprehensive guide to answer the most important and difficult questions you will face as you prepare for EV battery service. 

Does this service occur at normal service shops? What are the failure modes of EV batteries? What should my service strategy be across a network of dealers or service providers? What training is needed? What equipment is needed? What service applications are required? What do I need to know about the battery? 

We have the expertise to be your trusted advisor. Our goal is to help you become and stay service-ready for EV batteries. As such, we view the Ultimate Guide to EV Battery as a meaningful step toward becoming ready for EV battery service. 

cover for the EV battery service strategy guide

Table of Contents: 

  1. Vehicle Electrification Overview
      • 1.1 Brief history and overview of vehicle electrification
      • 1.2 Current state of vehicle electrification: Americas
      • 1.3 Current state of vehicle electrification: EMEA
      • 1.4 Current state of vehicle electrification: Asia Pacific
  2. EV High-Voltage Battery Applications
  3. EV High-Voltage Battery Technology
  4. EV High-Voltage Battery Life
      • 4.1 Lifespan
      • 4.2 Determining state of health (SOH)
      • 4.3 Warranty
      • 4.4 Secondary life
      • 4.5 End of life (EOL)/recycling
  5. EV High-Voltage Battery Service
      • 5.1 Safety
      • 5.2 Training/certification required for servicing
      • 5.3 Common battery service applications
  6. The 12V Battery in EVs
  7. Impact of Vehicle Electrification in the Aftermarket

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