We Will Get You There

For four decades, Midtronics has been the unrivaled leader in automotive battery diagnostics and testing. With amassed experience, expertise, and innovation, we have empowered our customers grow their battery profitability.

 It Was Nice Seeing You at AAPEX!

Thank you for joining us as we unveil our latest tool powered by MDX-AI. Here are some of the highlights from AAPEX 2023:

– Introducing MVT Series Battery Tester

– Introducing xLVS-9000 SafetyPower™ Diagnostic System

Midtronics has the products, technology, and expertise to get you there.  

Accurate diagnostic system which determines EV 12V batteries” SafetyPower™ to support critical vehicle loads.

xLVS-9000 SafetyPower™ Diagnostic

MVT makes battery testing lightning fast while delivering professional accuracy.

Midtronics xMB-9640 High-Voltage Module Balancer


Midtronics proudly presents MDX-AI, the most powerful battery diagnostic technology the world has ever seen.