Midtronics BMIS displayed on a laptop

Automotive Battery Management Information System

The Midtronics Battery Management Information System (BMIS) is a cloud-based analytics solution offered via subscription, designed to support management of battery testing equipment, staff, and processes for improved battery program effectiveness and profitability.

  • Dashboard view to highlight program testing performance and process compliance
  • Track equipment usage in the field
  • Keep equipment updated with latest software updates


  • Data feed/raw export of test records
  • Ability to email or print any report
  • Automatic Over-the-Air software updates
  • Detailed analysis of testing by date, time, location, day of week and technician
  • Test data analysis & web-based reports
    • Location and Tool History reports
    • Equipment & Software Version Status Tracking reports
    • Tool self-diagnostics reports

Battery Management Processes

Midtronics products are designed to meet a variety of battery and electrical system service requirements, but selected features on individual products may make them a better fit for your unique service applications. This product is particularly well-suited for these battery management processes:

Primary Uses

Battery program management icon

Battery Program Management

Preventative maintenance icon

Preventative Maintenance

Midtronics BMIS tests results on a line chart
Midtronics BMIS tests results on a line chart

The Foundation of a Successful Battery Management Program

    • Export battery test / charge / warranty records
    • Print, email or text results to customers
  • UPDATE MIDTRONICS TOOL SOFTWARE OVER THE AIR keeping software up to date and support costs down
    • Rank locations by software update compliance and take corrective actions
  • DETAILED ANALYSIS OF TESTING PERFORMANCE to understand testing performance issues
    • Reports of testing by date, time, location, day of week and technician
    • Alerts available to highlight testing performance issues

Analytics and Communication

  • BMIS integrates with all WiFi-enabled Midtronics products
    • Capture and review diagnostic data
    • Gain visibility into process compliance
  • Easily manage battery service tools
    • Track installed base of Midtronics tools
    • Report on self-diagnostics to improve tool uptime
    • Receive auto notifications when a tool’s software is out of date, clamps need to be replaced, internal battery is low, etc.

Midtronics works closely with individual customers to develop custom BMIS solutions. Please contact your Midtronics account manager for more information.

Find Help Guide in BMIS Knowledge Base.