Employee Spotlight – Anna Rodriguez

by | May 26, 2020 | Employee Spotlight | 0 comments

What do you like most about working at Midtronics?
I absolutely LOVE the people!  We are each our own individuals with our own quirks and personalities, but we all manage to get behind our products and take pride in what we do and who we are as a company.

What is a favorite memory you have from your time at Midtronics?
I love my Service family!  I was blessed and lucky for the time I got to spend with them and I enjoy every opportunity I get to hang out with them.  It’s like going back to the old neighborhood after you’ve moved away – full of fond memories, and it holds a special place in your heart even though you aren’t there anymore.

What personal accomplishment at Midtronics are you most proud of?
I love being a part of anything that “takes shape” and actually becomes something.  It’s exciting to see ideas become reality.

What are your hobbies?
I don’t know if it’s a hobby, but around town (Hometown, IL) I am an “MC” for a few events and car shows.  I get on a microphone and “host” various charity events.  I am the MC at our local car show on Wednesday nights and I’ve even got a few regulars who shout out along with me “Hiya hiya hiya Hometown!  Welcome to Hometown Cruise Night!”

Do you have any pets?
In our home, Boo is our 16 year old “scrappy mutt” who belongs to Renee.  My 2 young rescue pups, Diesel and Chance were recently adopted by my parents and it’s been so beneficial for all of them.  The 2 pups are spoiled rotten by grandma and grandpa and get all the love and attention they can stand – the 2 pups also help to keep my parents active and bring them so much joy!  Diesel is a little fella who thinks he’s huge!  In reality he weighs 8lbs and is the size of a loaf of bread. Chance is a 20lb “Picasso” Chihuahua with striking blue eyes who is very affectionate, extremely smart and a great big brother to Diesel the troublemaker. I still consider them to be MY boys.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Saturday Morning Cartoons!  I remember we had a TV that had a dial to turn the channels.  I was the youngest and up the earliest, but I wasn’t “strong enough” to turn the dial.  I’d have to wake my older brother up to do it for me!  He hated it – he did it for me – but he absolutely hated it!  

Do you like music?  What kind?  What is/are your favorite(s)?
I love music – all genres just like movies.  I seem to be hearing to a lot of Patsy Cline and Def Leppard randomly on my Pandora lately…  wonder what THAT’S about?  

Do you like movies?  What kind?  What is/are your favorite(s)?
I really like movies. I like all genres.  I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately.

What is your favorite food?
t’s really hard to pick a favorite… I really love trying new things.  I love Asian and Indian food, although I’m still a novice. I’ve enjoyed Ethiopian food, Senegalese food, but I’m just as thrilled with a really good steak or pasta dish.