Fleet Battery Monitoring/Testing Technology Advancements that Prevent No-Starts

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One of the biggest problems that confronts Fleet Operations is the dreaded, unexpected failure of a battery that results in a No-Start event when a truck is in transit on a route or scheduled for route deployment. No-Start events represent enormous cost and profit leakage for Fleet operations, not to mention loss of productivity and damage to Customer relations.  

Midtronics has developed ground-breaking on-board battery monitoring, advanced testing & diagnostic solutions, along with data transmission, aggregation, and analytics to help fleet managers avoid and prevent No-Start events before they happen. Midtronics’ new BMS-300 on-board battery monitor examines the truck’s battery current, voltage, and temperature in real time and interfaces with the vehicle telematics system to communicate battery state of charge and state of health information back to fleet operations.

An important component to ensuring fleet vehicles have appropriate battery health is implementation of a rigid shop Preventative Maintenance protocol. This is centered around shops conducting uniform battery testing protocols at prescribed time intervals. Midtronics has developed an easy to use, customizable Heavy Duty battery tester, the DSS-5000 HD, that performs battery and system tests for starters and alternators with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and simple menu prompts to execute the process. The tester stores all test records on the tester and transmits those records via wi-fi to a cloud-based website where the records are aggregated.  The data can be analyzed for operational trends, problems, and remedies. The data transmission of the records enables fleet operation managers to ensure process compliance in shops for prescribed Preventive Maintenance testing.

Robust Preventative Maintenance battery testing protocols, on-board battery health monitoring, and rich data analysis is a proven method of preventing unexpected battery failures that are extremely disruptive and costly to fleet operations. There are different types of battery testing technology available that are suited for different needs and applications. Sign up to learn more about how our technology can significantly impact your fleet’s operating costs.

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