Midtronics Celebrates 40th Anniversary as Industry Leader in Battery Diagnostics

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Midtronics, the leading provider of equipment to diagnose and service automotive batteries, is proud to be recognizing four decades of growth and achievements, marking a significant milestone in the company’s history. From humble beginnings, Midtronics has become one of the most recognized names in automotive electronics among manufacturers and service departments worldwide.

It was in 1984 that Steve McShane, Midtronics Founder and CEO, established Midtronics as a small family-run business selling electronic components. After being approached by a former colleague, he purchased the battery tester technology and initial product design from Motorola’s Automotive Products Division, sparking the foundation for what the company would become.

McShane says, “Having previously been involved in servicing the battery tester product during my time at Motorola in the 1970s, I was familiar with its unique technology, which utilized electrical conductance to diagnose battery condition. I recognized its potential as a proprietary product catering to a niche market that could be enhanced with innovation.”

It was from this transaction and McShane’s recognition of the automotive industry’s need for a better battery testing solution that Midtronics evolved. His tenacity and connections with the automotive manufacturers led to the development of industry-leading solutions through the next decade, carving out a niche for analog testing products including the PowerSensor Plus.

McShane recalls, “In 1996, we embarked on our first breakthrough innovation with the launch of the digital battery tester invented by Kevin Bertness. The inaugural digital offering, the MicroPro, achieved moderate success, paving the way for the more streamlined Micro platform. The Micro proved to be a game-changer, revolutionizing the battery tester industry in the 1990s and catapulting Midtronics to prominence. Its success was such that within a decade, we had secured essential tool contracts with nearly all major OEMs globally, delivering remarkable solutions that addressed each of their specific needs.”  This was followed by the adoption of Midtronics products by battery distributors, dealers and service providers.  The various inventions and innovations are covered by hundreds of patents in the US and around the world.

Now, Midtronics equipment is found in virtually all franchised car dealership service departments, and its testing criteria are used by manufacturers for warranty program administration. They’ve been first in many areas including the first handheld battery testers, diagnostic battery chargers, and hybrid and EV service technology.

The Latest from Midtronics

In 2023, Midtronics launched the first product in the most highly evolved battery testing solution lineup: MVT. Powered by a proprietary machine learning system, MDX-Ai, it’s quickly been established as the benchmark in handheld battery testers.

“The use of this technology makes battery diagnostics faster, more decisive, and more accurate than existing tools today and uses the insight we have gained from over a hundred million tests stored on our web server, “McShane mentions. “Harnessing almost four decades of experience, expertise, and innovation, MDX-AI solves previously unsolvable problems in battery management, supplying battery service providers with a new source of growth for their battery business.”

MVT is only the first AI-powered product in the lineup. All new products will be based on this revolutionary platform, enabling over-the-air updates, faster decisions, adaptability for a variety of voltages and industry uses, and the lowest margin of error.

Giving Back

Through Midtronics’ success, McShane proudly supports education and conservation initiatives with an emphasis on non-profit organizations, through the McShane Family Foundation. For years, the foundation supported Reading in Motion, an organization that improves reading competency for Children in the Chicago public schools, and provides scholarships through the Catholic Education Foundation for the schools in the Diocese of Joliet. Among other initiatives, the STEM program at De La Salle Collegiate High School in Detroit and the Collaboratory and Maker Space at the University of Detroit Mercy are both funded by, and named in McShane’s honor. DeLaSalle and Detroit Mercy are both McShane’s alma maters.

McShane is an avid outdoorsman, and two large parcels of his land have been placed under the guardianship of Michigan’s Grand Traverse Conservancy, preserving their natural beauty and resources for the future, along with acreage in Leelanau County near the McShane family’s log home on Glen Lake.

The Future is Bright for Midtronics

As electrification takes hold in the automotive industry, McShane is excited about what the future holds for Midtronics. The company produced the first hybrid battery tester, the first hybrid battery rescue charger, the first EV module balancer, and the first EV decommissioning product. There’s still room for growth and innovation, according to McShane.

“Our range of innovative products for electric vehicles and hybrids have put us in the lead in equipment for EV service, starting with the HYB tester, the GRX high voltage service products and then the products for specific dealer service applications.

But the future isn’t only about testing and diagnosing. Ensuring EVs are safe and well maintained and that batteries are safely recycled are key requirements for the industry going forward, and Midtronics is now taking aim at solving those challenges.

“We see a very bright future in supporting the [EV] industry’s need to save critical resources, maintain safety of high voltage systems, and assure that the protective systems powered by low voltage batteries are maintained as well.

“Midtronics’ future is electric!”