Comparing Midtronics xEV Service Products

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Battery Tips, EV Battery | 0 comments

Looking for an EV service tool?  The first step is to decide what service is needed: 

  • Pack Depowering:  Remove energy from a high voltage pack for shipping/logistics, safety and in vehicle crashes
  • Module Balancing:  Charge/Discharge modules to match the SOC of other modules within a pack.
  • Rescue Charge:  Charge a high voltage battery to a SOC capable of starting engine in HEV.

Once you know what services you need, you may wonder what tool options you have. Below have set out some of the main differences between our three EV service tools.

With this robust tool you can perform a full battery pack service for hybrid and electric vehicles. Through a simple user menu you can select functionalities such as: Pack Depowering, Module Balancing and Rescue Charging. A USB drive is used for software updates and saving data from each session. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can also connect to BMIS.

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Want more power and speed? With the xMB you service an EV pack on module level in just one workday. EV battery maintenance becomes faster, easier and more cost-effective. With its easy-to-use user interface, the xMB-9640 offers you a variety of functionalities including Module balancing, Transportation Discharge (on module level) and Module diagnostics. Wi-Fi connectivity offers you the option to send e-mail results, get over-the-air updates and make capturing and reviewing battery testing data a piece of cake.

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The xRC Rescue Charger enables technicians to quickly, efficiently and safely jumpstart hybrid vehicle high voltage batteries. Rescue charges are often performed when a HV battery state of charge is too low to turn over the engine; a common scenario when technicians are working to diagnose vehicle issues. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can also connect to BMIS, get over-the-air updates and e-mail results.

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Midtronics offers a wide range of battery service products and battery testing technology for all types of applications and needs. If you’re still unsure which product will best suit your needs, please reach out to our friendly customer support team for assistance.