Saying Goodbye to a Pillar: Sandy Trinkaus’ 34-Year Legacy at Midtronics

by | Dec 20, 2023 | Employee Spotlight | 0 comments

This December marks the end of an era at Midtronics as we bid farewell to someone truly special. After an incredible thirty-four years with the company, Sandy Trinkaus is stepping into a well-deserved retirement, leaving an indelible mark on our journey. Her tenure spans decades, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and spirit.

Sandy’s journey began in 1989 when she joined as an Assembler, becoming one of nine employees at that time. Her commitment, versatility, and passion for her work propelled her through various roles—from Quality and Planning to becoming a respected Production Supervisor. Her impact reverberated throughout the company.

In a 1993 Performance Review, Midtronics CEO Steve McShane aptly acknowledged Sandy’s contribution: “Skills plus attitude and a willingness to tackle new things is a powerful combination crucial for a growing company. We need Sandy’s skill and positive attitude.”

And indeed, Sandy embodied that powerful combination. Her dedication, skills, and unwavering positivity played a pivotal role in sculpting Midtronics into the company it is today.

Reflecting on her tenure, Sandy shared her insights into what made her stay for thirty-four fruitful years: “There was so much opportunity here. I loved the camaraderie and the accessibility to everyone in the company. Steve’s open-door policy, his down-to-earth nature, made Midtronics feel like home.”

Sandy’s commitment to growth went beyond her professional hours. She highlighted the company’s support for her personal development, recalling, “Midtronics loaned me money to buy a computer when I couldn’t afford one. That support meant a lot and reflected the company’s ethos—investing in its people.”

When asked about advice for newcomers, Sandy emphasized, “Bring your talents, your ideas. This company values diverse perspectives, encouraging limitless possibilities.”

At Sandy’s retirement lunch, President Will Sampson praised her impact, echoing the sentiment shared by many. Her legacy remains an integral part of Midtronics’ journey, fostering a culture that celebrates individual contributions.

As we bid adieu to Sandy, her absence leaves a void. But her legacy lives on, an inspiration for future generations. The spirit of growth, openness, and the pursuit of excellence she embodied will continue to guide us.

Sandy, Midtronics will miss you deeply—for your remarkable work and the exceptional person you are. Your commitment and friendship have left an enduring mark on us all. Wishing you a joyful and fulfilling retirement!

Here’s to Sandy—a testament to commitment, growth, and impact!