Six Strategies for Marketing EV Services

by | Jan 15, 2024 | EV Battery, Servicing and Repairs | 0 comments

As the automotive industry undergoes a seismic shift towards electric vehicles, repair shops and service departments at dealerships find themselves at the forefront of a new era in vehicle servicing. There’s no mistaking the fact that fossil fuel-burning vehicles will continue to be the bread and butter for repair shops for at least the next decade, but it’s no longer enough to only work on those models.

With the rising popularity of EVs, it’s essential to develop effective marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of electric vehicle services. Delve into key strategies to market EV services at repair shops and dealerships, ensuring they stay ahead in this electrifying revolution.

Understanding the EV Market

Before diving into marketing strategies, you need to grasp the dynamics of the electric vehicle market. The demand for EVs is on the rise, driven by environmental concerns, government incentives, and advancements in technology.

Another factor has been reduced maintenance requirements due to fewer moving parts and serviceable items, and it seems to conflict with the message you’ll be sending in EV service campaigns, but it’s complimentary. By implementing these strategies, you’re helping EV owners to keep their vehicles operating in peak condition for as long as possible, maintaining the lowest cost of ownership overall – not just for maintenance, but for repairs also.

As service professionals, you know how costly it is to replace a battery pack or an electric drive motor, or fix the braking system. But your customers don’t have that same knowledge base, and these campaigns are precisely for getting them up to speed without creating undue worry.

Educational Content: Enlightening the Customer Base

One effective strategy is to create and share educational content that demystifies electric vehicles for customers. Regular blog posts, webinars, or workshops can cover topics such as battery maintenance, charging infrastructure, and the benefits of choosing an electric vehicle. You’ll find plenty of that type of content at Midtronics, and we encourage you to use the same topics and gear them toward your audience.

By positioning the dealership or repair shop as a trusted source of information, customers are more likely to turn to them for their electric vehicle service needs. Popular topics are about busting EV myths, the types of current battery technology and what’s coming down the pipe, and the effect DC charging has on EVs.

Specialized Training for Service Technicians: Building Expertise

Investing in the training of service technicians to specialize in electric vehicle maintenance is a powerful marketing strategy. Certification programs and continuous education on the latest EV technologies including battery conditioning and emergency discharge ensure that the service team is well-equipped to handle diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance tasks for electric vehicles.

How does this help with marketing EV services? It’s simple and effective, really. Promoting these certified technicians can build trust among customers seeking professional and knowledgeable service providers. Only around half of dealerships are EV certified, and a far lower percentage of independent repair shops have invested in training and certifications. One major differentiator could be the badge or emblem on your signage, or a broad advertising campaign to your customers that might be considering the switch to EV but don’t know where they’re go for service.

Transparent Pricing Models: Eliminating Uncertainty

Uncertainty about service costs is a common concern for electric vehicle owners. Implementing transparent pricing models for electric vehicle services can alleviate this concern and build trust with customers.

Clearly communicating the costs associated with diagnostics, routine maintenance, and repairs helps customers make informed decisions, fostering a positive relationship between the service provider and the EV owner. But along with the pricing, ensure you’re posting the intervals at which these services can be expected so that, along with the cost, EV owners know they won’t be in the shop all the time getting their car serviced.

Promotional Packages: Incentivizing EV Service

Creating promotional packages specifically for electric vehicle services can attract customers and encourage them to choose your dealership or repair shop. It’s done regularly with ICE vehicle sales with things like lifetime oil changes, three-year all-inclusive maintenance packages, and such. And while it might take some EV owners by surprise to know they need to regularly maintain their car, the subscription is a great way to let them know it’s simple and affordable.

These packages could include discounted diagnostic tests, bundled maintenance services, or even perks like free charging station access during service appointments. Promoting these packages through various channels, including social media and email marketing, can help capture the attention of potential electric vehicle owners.

Strategic Partnerships: Expanding Reach

Forming partnerships with electric vehicle manufacturers or charging station providers can significantly enhance marketing efforts for independent repair shops. Collaborative marketing initiatives, joint promotions, or exclusive discounts for customers of specific electric vehicle brands can attract a broader customer base.

These partnerships not only increase visibility but also position the repair shop as a preferred service provider within the electric vehicle ecosystem, not a second-best option.

Customer Testimonials and Case Studies: Building Credibility

Highlighting success stories through customer testimonials and case studies can showcase the expertise of the dealership or repair shop in servicing electric vehicles. Encourage satisfied electric vehicle owners to share their positive experiences, emphasizing the quality of service, quick turnaround times, and effective problem resolution.

We’re all aware that putting a live person to a review carries far more weight than other promotional material. Sharing these stories on the company website and social media platforms builds credibility and fosters real trust among potential customers.

As the automotive industry accelerates towards an electric future, repair shops and dealerships must adapt their marketing strategies to cater to the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners. By focusing on education, expertise, transparency, promotions, partnerships, and customer testimonials, service managers and fixed operations managers can position their establishments as leaders in the electric vehicle service landscape.

Embracing these strategies ensures not only the sustained success of repair shops and dealerships but also contributes to the broader electrification goals of the automotive industry. And to equip your shop for the transition to electric, Midtronics has the technology you need. Browse our EV products to find out more.